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The Plate Boutique


The Plate Boutique firmly believe that healthy eating should begin in the kitchen. We want you to have fun when you’re preparing a healthy meal or snack. In 2012, with the generous help of a site dedicated to special gift ideas for him, we opened the nation’s first nutrition-inspired kitchen store combining our nutritional knowledge with the kitchen gadgets and essentials you need to prepare delicious and attractive meals from healthy food every single time.

At The Plate Boutique we aim to provide you with a broad range of quality merchandise, competitively priced. Whether you’re a novice in the kitchen or a gourmet chef, we have everything you need for to shine in the kitchen whether you’re creating a simple wholesome week-day dish or preparing for a nourishing fine dining experience.

All of us at The Plate Boutique hope that we can inspire you to try something new. The best chefs know that the correct cook’s tool is sometimes all that stands between you and gourmet greatness in the kitchen.

Cooks Tools, Kitchen Gadgets & Kitchen Utensils


With dozens of different categories of cooks tools, kitchen gadgets and kitchen utensils, you will be sure to find what you need. At The Plate Boutique, we have a range of utensils to make cooking fun by saving you time in food preparation, gadgets that take on the mundane tasks whilst others keep your kitchen clean and tidy. We have tongs & whisks, tools & utensil sets, cutting boards, measuring cups & spoons, food scales & thermometers, mixing and preparation bowls, choppers, graters, slicers, canning tools, salt and pepper shakers, can and jar openers and so much more.

The Plate Boutique’s favourit time and effort-saving kitchen gadgets include, for kids, an egg mould for creative shaped hard-boiled eggs such as a car or fish and a spiral cutter for kids who don’t like eating vegetables that look like vegetables.

Garlic peelers crushers and choppers will keep your hands fresh and your kitchen clean. Take the effort out of peeling pineapples with a corer slicer and a hand juicer guarantees no more squirt-in-the-eye accidents.

For cake bakers, be a pro with decorating pens and check out our digital scales to get perfect portion sizes.



Budding chefs

If you want to encourage your friend or family to experiment in creating their own meals or snacks or if you know have a child who wants to be a chef when they grow up, we have the perfect birthday and holiday gifts to feed their appetite for culinary experience. For juniors, we have a selection of cookware and gadgets to start them on a lifetime of experiment and fun in the kitchen. Add a chef’s coat or apron they can call their own to add to the fun.